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Busy Season Begins!

The busy season begins with April as we ramp up soap production in preparation for summer at the Franklin Farmers Market. Not to mention milking every morning and latching the kids at night. It’s always a fun challenge to keep up with the extra goat care, yard work and soap inventory that Spring brings.

Nate’s Notes April 2018

54° and mostly cloudy today. We latched the kids last night, in their own stall, so the moms had a lot of milk to give this morning. Now that they are over two weeks old, we will do that every night. In the day, they are all together.
48 ° and partly sunny this morning. I am cranking out as much soap as I can now that the milk is flowing again and the busy season is approaching. Made 8 batches: 2 Lavender, 2 Oats 'n Honey, 2 Sandalwood, 2 Almond.
72° and a little cloudy.
Goats are looking good. I have been brushing them in the morning so their new coats can come in.
46° and sunny. Much chillier than yesterday. Our friend Beth and her son Solomon came from Atlanta to meet the new baby goats.
52° when I went out to milk this morning. Gucci and Miranda have been sparring. They both broke off a scur and are bleeding all over. No danger though. They are just messy.
Took our guests to Zanders, in Dickson, for wood-fired pizza. Before they went back to Atlanta. Solomon also went with me to the Co-Op and by Vanessa's work to pick up a tiller. It's time to clean the barn again. My favorite thing (not).
Market today. It was super cold and windy for this time of year though, so lots of people stayed home. Makes me appreciate the regulars even more, who come out on cold days like this.
40° and partly sunny. Went to Nashville to see Frank (Vanessa's dad) and hang out with family at Nanny's house. She lives in East Nashville. Very hip.
50's° and sunny. Getting warmer. Have a vulture that keeps trying to land in the goat field. Paris is having none of that. She barks at them, even when they are just flying over the farm. It gives her something to do in the daytime.
57° this morning. The grass is coming up good now, because of the warmer weather. Daisy is getting "jelly neck" from grazing with her head down all day. The fluid builds up in her face and makes her neck swell. I will keep my eye on it, to make sure its not bottle jaw (caused from barber poll worms).
Sleeping with the windows open these days. Its nice. Diamond got stuck between the fence and a closed gate. This is why when people ask, "What do goats do in the wild?" I say, "They die."
It was 75° at 6am. Beautiful day. First I milked the goats. Next I made Bonsai, Nag Champa and Pipe Tobacco soap. Then I fixed our tax problem... don't ask!
Another beautiful day. Played with the goats a bunch this morning. The big girls can't stop eating the new grass that's coming up.
Market today. It rained like crazy. I still sold some soap, however. Sandalwood is one of my best sellers lately.
38° and overcast this morning. Stopped raining. Vanessa left the hose on yesterday morning. I noticed it was running when I went out to milk. The water trough is the cleanest its ever been. Can't wait to see our bill.
35° and cloudy. Got two big orders today. One from Nashville; the other from our old neighborhood store in Atlanta. It's called Candler Park Market. Vanessa and I met for the first time right next to that place, back in the day.
50° and sunny! Starting to feel like Spring again. Made soap, Bay Rum and Egyptian Musk. Magic is still giving the most milk. Its not a contest though.
43° windy. Saw some toads having babies in our driveway puddle. So much drama out here.
40° or so. I didn't check. Found a lizard in the hay, a little brown one. The baby goats are getting big fast. I have to make a noise when I pick them up now.
48° and sunny. Barn cleaning day. Not the best job on this farm. Later we took a nature walk over in Bon Aqua at the John Noel Natural Area. Saw lots of super old trees and wildflowers.
55° Market today. Had great sales. Godiva cut her leg pretty bad on something. We had to get a bandage wrapped around it quick. I don't have sutures.
46° Rain. Godiva's leg has stopped bleeding. Keeping it clean is the tough part now.
55° Overcast. Godiva's leg is healing nicely. She knows we are helping so she just stands there while we doctor her up.
53° Rainy. Making tons of soap these days. Today's line up was Peaches 'n Cream, Almond, Cranberry Woods, and Sea Salt. Plus Rosemary Mint and Unscented lotion.
55° Looked like rain all day, but it never did. Found a little brown snake in the hay; a blue tailed lizard too. They must have been having a meeting.
58° Rain. Took the bandage off Godiva's leg today. Looks like she is healing pretty good. No limping. Made lots of soap: Beach Bum, Barber Shop, Mountain Heather, Lemongrass and Bonsai.27
Saw a box turtle this morning. He was in the boys' field. Vanessa and I trimmed around the trees and along the driveway. It is a messy business, running the weed-eaters. Probably got poison ivy in the process.
High of 72°. Went to the Franklin Farmers Market today. Had really good crowd and sold a lot. Need to make more body powder now.
It was in the 50°'s this morning. Did some work in the yard (after milking and feeding). Patched some holes in the fence. The little ones were getting out a lot. No more!
Very warm, up to 79° and sunny. The grass is really coming up. Goats are eating less hay now. Made 8 batches of soap. trying to catch up.

Visit us at the Franklin Farmers Market

Franklin Farmers Market

The Franklin Farmers Market is a special place where farmers and artisans from Middle Tennessee gather each Saturday to meet our customers and sell our wares. It is a producers only market which means that everything at market is grown or made in Middle Tennessee by the market vendors. We have a booth at the Franklin Farmers Market where we sell our handmade goat milk soaps. We have been part of the Franklin Farmers Market for over four years. It is a wonderful venue with a loyal following of customers who come out every week to support their local farmers and to purchase fresh, local foods and handmade wares. The Franklin Farmers Market summer season begins this Saturday at 8:00am and we are so excited to be there again!

We look forward to Saturdays at the Franklin Farmers Market because that is where we do our socializing and shopping for the week. This time of year we are able to get fresh strawberries, tender salad greens, farm eggs, goat cheese, local milk, meats and seasonal veggies. We have fun catching up with many friends we’ve met at the market. Some of our friends are fellow farmers like the Lingo family from Beaverdam Creek Farm who grow and sell chemical-free produce, organic corn grits and grass fed beef. We also have friends from the Franklin Farmers Market who are artists like Rockin’ Robbin. Robbin creates handmade jewelry that is inspired by her Texas roots. She also sells vintage cowboy boots!

Last year we enjoyed a fantastic summer season at our booth which was in the parking lot just outside the main shed. But this year we are happy to announce we will be in a new location beginning this coming Saturday. We are expanding our space at the Franklin Farmers Market and will be in two booths, side by side. The extra space will give our customers more room to browse, and to take their time smelling and looking at our large selection of goat milk soaps, lotions, body powder, shaving soaps, and lip balms. It will also give our customers room to stand while we process their credit cards. We are thrilled to run credit and debit cards at the Franklin Farmers Market, right on our cell phones. Being able to accept credit and debit cards makes shopping so much more convenient for our customers.

If you’ve visited us at the Franklin Farmers Market before please remember you won’t find us in our usual summer location. This year we will be in a 20 foot wide, white tent at the far end of the shed next to ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Rocky Glade Farm and Sue’s Flowers. Please stop by and see us if you are in the area. We love meeting our customers and making new friends at the Franklin Farmers market!

Dot’s Surprise Baby Goat, Patrick

Dots Surprise Baby GoatLast Saturday morning Nate went out to feed the goats and make sure they were all OK before we headed to the Franklin Farmers Market. We have a booth at the Franklin Farmers Market and sell our products there every Saturday. The market is an hour or so from our farm and we try to get there by 7:00 AM to set up our booth. Needless to say, it was quite early last Saturday morning when Nate was tending to the herd and it was still pretty dark outside.

After putting out grain and hay, Nate went into the barn to get some minerals to refill the mineral feeders. Our goats love their minerals! He was surprised to find Ernie in the barn all by himself. The other goats were up the hill eating their breakfast but Casey’s baby Ernie was laying alone in a dark corner of the barn. You can read all about Casey and her baby bucks here.

Nate tried to get Ernie to N8-with-Patrickstand up but Ernie was wobbly and could barely keep is balance. Nate was worried. Then he noticed Dot was in the barn too which was very unlike her. She is always one of the first goats at the feeder and the last one to quit eating. She should be up the hill with the rest of the herd. All of the sudden Nate realized what was going on. The little brown and white buckling in the corner wasn’t Ernie at all; he was Dot’s surprise baby goat! We didn’t know Dot was expecting. She is always kind of on the fat side because she is the only one in the herd with horns and she uses them to bully the other goats off the grain bins. Plus we weren’t going to breed her because she injured her hip a couple years ago. You could say, Dot is one of our special needs goats. Apparently another one of her anomalies is her ability to be bred through the fence!

Baby Goat Playing with CatWe named Dot’s surprise baby goat Patrick. He was an immediate hit with everyone on the farm! He was out and about by day two. Dot follows him everywhere to keep him out of trouble and because she is totally in love with her adorable little buckling. Dot is pretty much the cutest mom ever! Percy our cat also loves playing with Patrick. Raising goats is always full of surprises. We think Patrick is the best one so far.