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Kidding Season is Here

Kidding season is here now! We always enjoy getting ready for the babies and the excitement they bring to our farm. The weather is warming, grass growing, and milk flowing.

Nate’s Notes March 2018

Amos came over. I showed him around.
Happy Birthday to me, 44 years.
Enjoying some time away.
Rained today but I don't care because I am sitting in a hot tub hundreds of miles away from the farm.
Back from our trip. Glad to be home. Everyone made it without us.
The water has gone off again, hopefully not for too many days. Can't make soap without running water.
Market today. Sales were good. Crowds are big.
Celebrated my birthday today with friends at the creek. It was warm and windy, just like springtime.
51° and sunny. Back to work. The water is back on; can't drink it yet.
Cooler this morning. Blaze is doing a lot better. I brushed him really well. His skin is very flaky. That's a good thing. It means he is shedding.
Brushed all the goats today. They love it. Can't do it very long though. It turns them into greedy jerks.
Cold and sunny. Blaze looks like he is finally gaining weight!
Another gorgeous day. Drove to Nashville to visit family.
Market today. The weather was very kind to us. I had lots of regular customers. They keep our little business going strong!
Getting the girls' kidding stall ready. Got straw and wood chips down for them.
Sunny and cool. Trimmed the expecting moms' tails. Well, one side of their tails! They wouldn't hold still for both sides. They don't like being touched back there. Can't blame them.
Getting ready for the babies. Put up the baby cam. The first one is due tomorrow.
No babies yet. Magic is usually late. It is always a surprise when her babies show up.
Daisy had two girls! We didn't even have to help. She is a great mom. Vanessa named them Twinkie and Ho-Ho.
Liberty had her babies today. Vanessa was there to help. It took several hours to get through her labor. She had a girl and a boy. I named them Betsy and Ross.
Finally Magic had her kids! Two girls this time, without any problems. We are calling them Diamond and Silk.
The babies have had their cords dipped and tetanus shots. Today I took the moms to the milk room for a little TLC. Trimmed their hooves and gave them snacks.
Had to milk Magic down. She has so much milk its amazing, especially for a 9 year old!
Sunny and frosty this morning. Looks very pretty. Magic's babies got stuck behind the electric fence I put up around the big oak tree. Luckily I had unplugged the fence when I set up the baby monitor, so no one got zapped.
Had to disbud the kids today. Worst job on the farm. Everyone came out fine, even me. Then I took some selfies with the kids.
Market today. warm but windy and threatening to rain. Folks are starting to buy the Lilac and Green Thumb soap.
Looks like rain today. Amos came over and mowed the grass. Not much grass grows in our yard however. It is mostly weeds and wildflowers.
Had to save Twinkie from being stuck behind a barrel in the barn. If there is something to get trapped in or hurt by the baby goats always find it!
Disbudded Diamond and Silk today. Won't have to do that again for a while, thankfully.
Milking Magic regularly now. She is the best milker I have. I am letting the others give all the milk to their babies for now.
Trying to keep the babies friendly. We play with them at least once a day so they don't turn shy. They get a little afraid of me after being disbudded.
Market today. Going through the frequent shopper cards like crazy.I only had three left at the end of the day.