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Busy Season Begins!

The busy season begins with April as we ramp up soap production in preparation for summer at the Franklin Farmers Market. Not to mention milking every morning and latching the kids at night. It’s always a fun challenge to keep up with the extra goat care, yard work and soap inventory that Spring brings.

Nate’s Notes April 2018

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Blame it on the Rain

According to Mayor Jacobs we haven’t had this much rain in February since 1890. Apparently the equipment a the water treatment plant was impressed enough with that historical fact to take a few days off from working. Turned out to be a good idea for us to take a short vacation too, before the baby goats start coming and milking season kicks into full gear.

Nate’s Notes February 2018

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Goats in The Snow

January was a cold, snowy month for us at Tottys Bend Soap Farm. It is somewhat difficult to feed and water goats in the snow. But we managed. Our dog, Paris is a Great Pyrenees. She loves this kind of weather. The rest of us do our best to keep warm and dry.


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