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Cool Wildlife Sightings on the Farm

We’ve had many cool wildlife sightings this summer, while tending to the goats and doing our farm chores. These interesting critters make enduring the summer heat a little more fun!

Nate’s Notes June 2018

Mom fixed us a good country breakfast this morning. Everything was ready and waiting when I got back in from milking. Later we went on a nature walk. Hopefully no ticks!
84° and cloudy today. Mom went back to Ohio this morning. We lounged around most of the day.
Back to work bright and early today! Made several batches of soap, portioned out my Body Powders, labeled my lotions and sent off some website orders.
Hot and sunny again. The goats are doing great. Orangie still hasn't kidded. I am beginning to think her breeding didn't stick. Got a couple more website orders to put together.
90° with a few clouds here and there. I am cranking out as much soap as I can before the Farmers Market on Saturday. Amos came to mow our yard. He is such a great neighbor.
It was 79° at milking time this morning. Tennessee's birthday is today. 222 years.
Market today. It got up to nearly 90° degrees. First really hot market day so far. Most shoppers cleared out by 11:00. Almost out of shave brushes. One of our hens is down. She's not looking good.
84° and sunny. Went to the barn to check on our hen. She was dead. But Orangie was in there and she had a surprise new baby! We thought her breeding didn't take. Wrong!
A cool 79° today. New baby is doing great. Had her shots. Noticed Rango, our buck, has milk in one of his teats. Or at least I assume it is milk. I didn't squeeze it.
Cool morning, about 50°. Orangie is coming out of the barn for food. It is hard to leave her new baby. Making almond soap today. Its our top seller right now.
Lovely day mid 60's°. The new babies are doing good. Shasta (the newborn) is leaving the barn now. Twinkie hurt her back foot. Has a nasty cut.
Sunny and 74°. Stopped giving the boys grain. Hopefully that will clear up Balze's runs and dry up Rango's milky boob! Twinkie's foot is pretty bad but not getting worse. We took her to the house to clean and dress her wound. She was very brave through the whole thing.
in the 90's° and sunny. Gave some wormer and trimmed some hooves. Twinkie's foot is still healing. She's not putting any weight on it now. Just trying to keep the infection away.
Good day at the Farmers Market. Hot and breezy. The boys are only getting beet pulp now. Trying to keep Blaze's weight up while keeping Rango's milk down!
Rained last night. Still working on Twinkie's foot. Keeping it clean so far.
Hot this morning. Took Twinkie's bandage off. Hopefully it will dry some and scab over. Shasta comes out to eat with the other goats now.
90° and humid today. Disbudded Shasta. She did great. Rango is still swole in the teat.
Rained last night and this morning. Cooled things off a bit. Did my in-town restocking (Centerville Marketplace and CO-Op). Saw a coo-coo bird in the back yard. Hear them all the time but hardly ever get to see one in the open.
84° and foggy this morning. Twinkie's foot is getting better. Not limping now.
Foggy again. Hot today, Had to bandage Twinkie's foot this morning. She somehow scraped off her scab.
Farmers Market today. Super hot out. I think it got up to 98. Still had a huge crowd.
95° and sunny. Still keeping an eye on Twinlie's foot. She's walking on it fine but she still has some healing to do. Found a lizard with her eggs under the boys' water. Cool! I love interesting wildlife sightings.
84° this morning. Wormed some goats Made Lemongrass soap.
Still super hot. The lizard still has her eggs. Susan Springer from down the road bought Ross from us. He was the only buck we had this year. Bye Ross!
89° Rained a little. Got Blaze on some new fancy hay. Hopefully that will balance out his belly. Liberty is missing her little buck Ross. Its sad, but she still has Betsy to look after.
Hot. Worked on Balze's coat. Brushed him a bunch. He's looking good. He's just skinny. Lizard eggs haven't hatched yet.
Cool and damp this morning. Looks like storms today.
Great day at the Franklin Farmers Market. Sold lots of powder. Vanessa stayed home and looked after the goats. Hopefully she didn't leave the hose running like last time.
Muggy but not too hot. Lizard still sitting on her eggs. Saw a red legged purse web spider. Vanessa looked it up. Said they are very rare. Should have gotten a pic. Had friends over for beer and BB gun shooting.
96° today. Got the grass cut. Catching up on my soap making. Made six batched today.
Hot again. Weed-eated the yard. Not fun.
Still hot but we had a breeze. Stormed a little. Nothing scary. Saw the female purse web spider. It looked like a small tarantula. They are considered endangered. Probably seeing them because its mating season.
81° getting some storms. Wormed some goats this morning. Found a stag beetle under my boots that was as big as my thumb!
Had a really big storm yesterday. The worst in years. No damage but really scary. Magic was out in it the whole time, eating leaves that the wind was blowing down.
Hottest Farmers Market yet this year. Still did good sales wise. Sold my last shaving brush.