Monthly Archives: June 2018

Sprucing Up for Mom’s Visit

We spent several days sprucing up for Mom’s visit. It’s a tradition for her to come down Memorial Day weekend, to meet the new goat babies and spend a few quite days on the farm. Luckily she and Vanessa get along great! We look forward to her visit every year.

Nate’s Notes May 2018

It was in the 50°'s this morning. Did some work in the yard (after milking and feeding). Patched some holes in the fence. The little ones were getting out a lot. No more!
Very warm, up to 79° and sunny. The grass is really coming up. Goats are eating less hay now. Made 8 batches of soap. trying to catch up.
It got up to 81° today. I Made 3 batches of soap today: Lavender, Bonsai, and Sandalwood. Waiting on my shaving brushes to come in.
Sunny again and 82°. I gave Blaze a shot of Vitamin B. I don't think he noticed. It will make him feel good, I hope. Made Peppermint lip balm.
Cloudy and 86 °. Too busy to write anything more.
Cooler today, 79°. After milking the goats we got everything ready for the Market tomorrow. Had to wrap lots of products and spruce up our displays.
First day of Summer Market today. It was warm but rainy. Vanessa came with me. Sales were okay, sold lots of Body Powder.
81° and cloudy. The grass is coming up fast in the goat field. Hope they can keep up with it. My mower is broken.
It was sunny and 79° this morning. Got a big order from Whole Foods. Have to make soap every day now. Things will not slow down until about August. Lovin' it!
Weather is the same as yesterday. Tons of pollen in the air. Orangie and Bluey are getting close to kidding. Gave them both Selenium.
Deliveries today! Sold lots of soap at Grinders Switch Winery. Sold lots of Body Powder at Centerville Marketplace. Making Rose soap today.
Had to get more hay today. Shouldn't have to buy too much more this summer. The goats stop eating very much hay when the grass is up.
88° and sunny. Getting the kidding stall ready for Bluey. She should be due sometime this week. I forgot to write down the date we bred her to Blaze.
90° was the high. It was a good day at the Franklin Farmers Market. Sold lots of lotion. Had pasta for lunch which was nice.
Hot and sunny today. Brushed all the goat moms for Mothers Day. Ended up brushing everyone because goats get jealous very easy.
Got up to 91°. Bluey had two girls this afternoon. She ate her grain in the morning, then ran back to the barn. She was "talking" to her babies even though they weren't born yet. No troubles. She barely needed my help.
Bluey's babies are doing good. Gave shots and cleaned their belly buttons. Very important. They can get very sick if the cord doesn't dry up fast.
Cooled off to 84° today. Decided to name the babies Amelia and Annie after the pilot and the sharp shooter. Had to rescue a little snake from one of the feed bins.
Bluey's girls aren't bouncing around like they should be so I gave them some Selenium. They might have been born a little early. Remember I forgot to write down when she was bred?
Kind of cloudy and only got up to 82°. Did a bunch of yard work, weed trimming mostly. I always get poison ivy from that. Saw a box turtle and a ring neck snake.
Great weather for the Farmers Market. All of our regulars came out to see us!
Back up to 91° today. Went to the plant store to buy hanging baskets. Have to keep the place looking good, plus the humming birds like it.
86° with clouds. Lots of soap to make this week. Getting low on shaving soap. My brushes still haven't arrived. Bluey's babies are doing well.
84° and mostly sunny. The older kids are teaching the new babies all the fun games to play. Mostly running and jumping onto each other.
The weather is about the same as yesterday, maybe a tad hotter. Bluey's milk is coming in good now. Was a little worried that she was not making enough, but she swelled up overnight.
Getting the barn spruced up for visitors. The goats like it as well. Amos mowed our yard!
High of 90°. Mom is here for a visit. She loves helping with the soap and hanging out with the goats.
Me and Mom worked the Farmers Market. She got to meet some of our favorite customers. And it was the best weather ever! Barley hit 80°.
Mom fixed us a good country breakfast this morning. Everything was ready and waiting when I got back in from milking. Later we went on a nature walk. Hopefully no ticks!
84° and cloudy today. Mom went back to Ohio this morning. We lounged around most of the day.
Back to work bright and early today! Made several batches of soap, portioned out my Body Powders, labeled my lotions and sent off some website orders.
Hot and sunny again. The goats are doing great. Orangie still hasn't kidded. I am beginning to think her breeding didn't stick. Got a couple more website orders to put together.
90° with a few clouds here and there. I am cranking out as much soap as I can before the Farmers Market on Saturday. Amos came to mow our yard. He is such a great neighbor.