Monthly Archives: February 2018

Goats in The Snow

January was a cold, snowy month for us at Tottys Bend Soap Farm. It is somewhat difficult to feed and water goats in the snow. But we managed. Our dog, Paris is a Great Pyrenees. She loves this kind of weather. The rest of us do our best to keep warm and dry.


Very cold outside. Snow and ice on the way. Dealing with frozen water buckets. Have to remember to bring them in at night.
Trying out the trail cam that I got from Mom. Found a spot in the woods that looks like a good place to put it. Should get lots of traffic.
Blaze has worms still. Been working on him for three or four weeks now. He is stable but I must keep a watchful eye on him.
16° Super cold this morning. I didn't get very good pictures on the trail cam. One deer but he was off in the trees. Have to find a better place for it.
20° Gave Blaze some vitamin B. He gets that as a shot in the flank. Ouch!
18° Fooling with the water buckets is no fun. I blew out the boy's bucket by stomping on it to get the ice out. Oops.
Percy is over the cold. He is a hot weather cat. He's been hiding under the house, on the duct work to keep warm.
35° Light Rain. Cold Snap is over for now. Water is running so filling buckets is easier.
40° Foggy and spring like. Deer in back yard. Didn't catch it on my trail cam-will move it for better view. Goats need more minerals.
Very spring like today. Gave Blaze a shot of vitamin B in the leg. He doesn't even notice it anymore. I think he's getting his new coat.
Warm and wet today. Storm weather. Trimmed Blaze's hooves. He was limping a little in the cold. This should help with the next cold front. Got a mosquito bite this morning.
Snowed over night. Paris loves it. She was born for this kind of weather. Have feed and hay. I think we will survive. David brought us a roll of hay.
Skipped the Market today. Cold, windy and there is a half inch of snow on the ground. Nobody will be in much of a mood to buy soap.
15° this morning. Goats like the new hay.
35° Sunny. Have a board meeting for the Franklin Farmers Market this afternoon.
14° Snowed last night. Still coming down. Paris loves the snow. The goats not so much. Gucci wouldn't walk back to the barn. Sometimes they get scared of the snow for some reason.
13° More snow this morning. Not the big fat stuff we got yesterday. Still have plenty of feed. Low on beer however. Will try to get to town today.
9 ° this morning. They say its going to get up to 40° by this afternoon. Pretty dramatic shift.
26° Sunny and relatively warm. I put some apples in the back yard to try and lure some creatures into my camera trap. Got pics of a coyote stealing them one by one.
35° Farmers Market today! Mostly sunny and warm. Everyone was in a great mood. I think it was some people's first day out.
41° Nice and warm this morning. Worked on Blaze's hooves some more. Started feeding the rolled hay. They love it.
40° Raining. The whole farm is like a swamp. Need to give the pregnant girls some selenium.
31° Took the brush out to the goats. Everyone loves getting brushed, except Miranda.
26° Frosty this morning. Fed Blaze some of the selenium paste.
27° Sunny. Blaze got some more de-wormer. Taking some pictures this morning.
46° Sunny and nice. Rained hard last night. Had a flock of grackles in the front yard. Caught a coyote on the trail cam.
41° Windy today. Gave blaze a shot of iron in the leg.
38° Gave Blaze more de-wormer. He's still not growing his hair back like I would like.