Since body powder is not as common as it once was some of our customers aren’t familiar with the many benefits of body powder. We recommend our body powder to folks who are allergic to, or just want to avoid the chemicals in commercial deodorants. Body powder can be sprinkled in your shoes and undies. It can be used as a dry shampoo. You can wear it all over for a fresh scent. We also recommend our body powder as a talc-free alternative to baby powder, especially our unscented and lavender varieties because they are the most gentle on baby’s skin.

Nate breaks out in a rash from the chemicals in commercial deodorants. He also sweats a lot and he works with goats every day! That is why we came up with our all-natural, talc-free body powder. Along the way we experimented with homemade deodorant sticks and other alternatives, but our body powder seemed to be the most practical way for him to stay fresh and dry. That’s how we know first hand that our body powder is a great alternative to chemical laden commercial deodorants.

Benefits of Body PowderThere are many benefits of our body powder because it contains natural ingredients that purify skin, absorb excess oils and leave skin feeling silky and fresh. We use a special blend of tapioca, arrowroot and kaolin clay to make our body powder. The tapioca starch helps the powder glide on and cling to the skin, giving it a silky feel. Arrowroot absorbs oils beautifully and  promotes natural healing as it penetrates the skin. Arrowroot also reduces odors and helps to eliminate toxins. Kaolin clay is a very mild, vitamin rich, natural clay that removes impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils. These beneficial ingredients work together in our body powder to gently deodorize and absorb excess moisture.

Nate divides the unscented powder into small bins. Then he places scented cotton pads in each bin and covers the mixture with a lid. The powder is aged for one week with the scented pads. During that time, the fragrance from the pads is absorbed into the powder. At the end of the week Nate removes the pads and stirs each bin of powder. When the scent is evenly blended, Nate spoons the powder into our old fashioned cardboard shakers. I add the finishing touch by putting on the labels.


One thought on “Benefits of Body Powder

  1. Debbie Pickard

    My husband and I both have problems with deodorants making us itch. Korey recommended your powder to us….it did the trick. Love all of your products, and the fact that it’s so close by for us to purchase. Would love to come and see your goat herd sometime. I was raised up with goats, but we had the fainting kind. Thanks, Debbie Pickard.


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