Meet Bert and Ernie! They are our first kids of 2015. Casey is their mother. She had a hard time having them because they both tried to come out at the same time. Bert’s back feet were out and Ernie’s front feet were out and they were stuck. Nate had to push Bert all the way back in, which Casey was very unhappy about. But that gave Ernie room to get in the right position. Once Ernie’s little head was through, everything went smoothly. Now babies and mom are doing great! You can read about Casey and the rest of our herd on our Goats page.

Here is a video we made of Bert and Ernie with their mamma during our recent “ice storm”. In the Middle Tennessee area we didn’t get that much precipitation but the couple inches we did get turned into solid ice. Consequently we were iced in for nearly a week. The goats had a hard time navigating from the barn up the hill to their hay feeder because the ground was so slippery. We fed them in the barn most of the time. On Day 6, we had a break in the weather and the ice began to melt. It was then that I took this video from the living room window as Casey and her babies ventured out for the first time in days. The black buckling is the one we call Bert and his little brother with the white patch is Ernie. You can tell from the video what a caring mamma Casey is. She is showing Bert and Ernie different good things to eat. They will learn everything from her. Just like with people, goats pass on life skills to their young. The big, white, fluffy dog trying to steal the show is our Great Pyrenees. Her name is Paris. The Great Pyrenees is a livestock guardian breed that originated in the Pyrenees Mountains in France. Paris’ job is to make sure our goats and other farm animals are safe. As you can see she loves the ice and snow!


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