Goat MilkGoat milk soap makes your skin look and feel fantastic. But why? What’s so great about using goat milk soap? Many things in goat milk make it ideal to use in handmade soap. It is full of healthy vitamins and triglycerides that are easily absorbed by your skin. Goat milk also helps exfoliate dry, damaged skin cells and protects against dirt and germs.

Compared to other ingredients used in soap making, goat milk has a high natural concentration of Vitamin A which is an essential vitamin for repairing dry, damaged skin. It is also high in Vitamin E and Selenium. When you use goat milk soap the nourishing vitamins and minerals in the milk are absorbed by your skin and help repair damage done by harsh chemicals in commercial soaps, free radicals in the environment and too much sun.

Goat milk also contains lactic acid which gently weakens the bonds between dead skin cells and encourages exfoliation. The gentle exfoliating effect of goat milk is the most visibly noticeable benefit of using goat milk soap. By removing the dead outer layer of skin goat milk soap helps prevent dry cells from trapping in oil and dirt. The clean, smooth cells on the surface of your skin reveal its natural beauty.

Goat Milk Healthy SkinWhen you use goat milk soap you will immediately notice that your skin does not tighten or feel dry after bathing. It just feels good. That is because the triglycerides in the milk make it an ideal moisturizer. As the lactic acid in goat milk soap sloughs away dead skin cells, the triglycerides are directly absorbed into the skin. Triglycerides also help hold in moisture by filling in the gaps between surface cells for an overall skin smoothing effect. Our customers rave about how soft and smooth our goat milk soap makes their skin feel.

Goat milk is loaded with so many things that are beneficial to skin health, it’s no wonder why our customers say using our soap has improved many of their skin problems including bumps, dryness, eczema and psoriasis. The benefits of using goat milk soap compound over time as the vitamins, minerals, lactic acid and triglycerides gently work together to reveal smooth, younger looking skin.

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  1. Millie Hue

    I never knew about goat’s milk soap and lotions before until a friend of mine talked about it last Saturday. It’s nice to know that it is great for the exfoliation and protection of the skin. I’ve never even seen one before, but learning about the benefits made me very interested in buying those products. Thanks for the information!


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